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Lootcase (2014)

  • 9.7
  • 2014
  • 2hr
  • 18+

Movie Info

Full Name: Lootcase
Size: 1.1 GB
Quaily: HD 720p
Genres: Comedy
Release Date: 31 July 2020
Language: Hindi
Cast: Kunal Khemu, Rasika Dugal, Gajraj Rao

Lootcase 2020 Nandan Kumar comes across a suitcase and discovers it is full of cash

Lootcase 2020 Movie Free Download 720p BluRay Kumar (Kunal Khemu) is a white collar class man who works at Saavdhaan Times, a print machine, and fixes machines. He doesn’t have faith in fate and lives in a chawl with his provoking spouse Lata (Rasika Dugal) and just child Aayush (Aryan Prajapati).In the mean time, then again, Minister Patil (Gajraj Rao) needs to get a bundle of 10 boxes of desserts and a document conveyed to an another priest Tripathi. He allots his men Abdul (Shashi Ranjan) and Omar (Sumit Nijhawan) to do as such, and it is uncovered that the 10 boxes of desserts really contain cash worth 10 crore rupees. Patil’s men put the cash in a red streetcar bag.While the package is on its way, it gets trapped by the goons of a famous criminal Bala Rathore (Vijay Raaz), whose another goon, Jameel, was shot dead by Abdul’s men. The trap prompts a shootout among Bala and Patil’s men, and all the while, the bag gets taken by Bala’s men and they escape. While getting away, they hear the police approaching towards them, and they conceal the bag under some cases close by, wanting to return later to take the bag, and they leave.In the mean time, Nandan is getting back after work, and keeping in mind that taking a bathroom break, goes over the bag. He opens it, thinks that its loaded with cash, and takes it home and conceals it in his neighbor Ramlal’s home, who’s away for a break of 15 days to his town to meet his family. As Nandan is going to make the way for his home, Lata shocks him by wearing a cutting edge dress, and attempts to tempt him, however Nandan foils her arrangements and leaves her agitated. Around evening time, when Lata is snoozing, Nandan goes to his neighbor’s home where the bag is covered up. He opens the bag, and gets pleased by observing the pack of cash, and embraces it. At the point when he gets back, Lata asks him where did he went, and Nandan discloses to her that he had gone for a smoke, and entices his better half.